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Kaiba Massage is home based studio located in Quinton, Birmingham, West Midlands. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and indeed you can relax and pamper yourself!

I am specializing in Swedish and Lomi Lomi body massage therapies that relieve stress, tension, relax your body muscles and may bring you back the joy of life. Start or end your work day with Kaiba Massage in Birmingham UK and you notice that you are more energized and less stressed than usual.

Benefits of the massage are proven and it was used for healing purposes by human centuries ago. Combined with oils it becomes even more powerful as it brings more and deeper satisfaction. This body therapy helps to release stress and tension in our bodies by increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation, it may assist weight loss, nourish the skin, sooth and relax nerves, release emotional and mental tension, create feeling of well-being and gives pleasure. It also helps to feel young, firm and healthy.

At our Massage in Birmingham UK studio you can expect:

  • Warm greeting
  • Professional service
  • Nice and peaceful surrounding
  • Shower facility
  • Free parking

Swedish massage Discount 10%

Swedish massage

90 minutes Swedish Massage now £50 and 120 minutes massage now £60

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Rexlefology massage Discount 37%

Rexlefology massage

40 minutes of Foot Reflexology Massage now £25

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